Ditto the Monster looks at the world of family friendly online games from a Fabricated American perspective

PAX East

Ditto’s Video Bloggy Thingy Feb 1st, 2013

Hello, it is the Ditto with another Video Bloggy thingy!!  Ditto has been a busy monster this week, oh boy!!  But before me get into all that, I’ll start like I usually do – the Twitter report!   (more…)

Interview with Chris Park, A Valley Without Wind

While I was walking around checking out some of the cool independent games, the Arcen Games booth caught my eye, both for the design and the very cool name of the game they were promoting, ‘A Valley Without Wind‘. It was a very cool looking side scroller with nice design, intriguing story, and great mechanics – including lots of different powers like my personal favorite, fire magic!

Luckily for me, Chris Park, the founder and lead developer for Arcen Games, had a few minutes to talk to us about the game and what makes it so very cool in this age of huge extreme hyper-realistic 3D blockbusters.


Monster On The Street Interview with Caroline

Ditto wanted to try something new at PAX East and had the idea to do random ‘Monster On The Street’ interviews with random PAX attendees. Unfortunately, between the crowds, the noise, and the fact that not everyone wants to be interviewed by a furry orange monster, this didn’t work out very well. I did, however, get one interview with a very nice woman named Caroline, who was really great and definitely into it. It was her first time at PAX, and it sounded like she was having a really good time. Thanks to Caroline for being such a good sport!

Ditto’s Interview with Mike from Twisted Pixel Games

Ditto was lucky enough to get an interview with Mike from the great gaming company Twisted Pixel! They make games like The Maw, ‘Splosion Man, and the very popular Gunstringer! He was really nice to chat with and we had a really good talk about what Twisted Pixel has got going on. We were so interested in the game The Maw after talking to him and seeing the game played in the booth that I actually bought it when we got home, and I’ve been playing it a ton – it’s adorably cute and really funny!

Interview with Ziba Scott – Girls Like Robots!

Investigating the indy games area at PAXEast, I came across a booth decorated with cute square character tiles and had my favorite game title of the show – ‘Girls Like Robots‘. The game is a fun casual puzzle game with great art design and a great goal – to make everyone happy! That’s right, in a show full of games that brag about body count or extreme weapon mods, Ziba Scott was showing off a game where all you had to do was make people happy by sitting them next to people (or robots) that they like.

Ziba, the founder of PopCannibal games (This guy REALLY knows how to create catchy names!) was nice enough to give us a totally unscheduled interview and it was great talking to him! We got to play the game for a little while as well, and it really was a lot of fun. It isn’t out yet, but he says it should be out this summer and available on multiple platforms. I know I”ll be on the list to get it when it’s available, because after playing only the first few levels, I was hooked. And hey – I love making people happy, it’s what furry orange monsters do!!

Ditto Interviews Sonic the Hedgehog!

At PAX East I got incredibly lucky and landed a short interview with media icon and video game legend Sonic the Hedgehog! The audio is a little off and it’s really difficult to hear Sonic’s answers, but it was a great interview and Sonic is a really funny guy!

Interview with Fire Hose Games – Go Home Dinosaurs

There are so many of the ‘big budget’ games at PAX East – huge flashy games that all seemed to be about how big the guns were or how high the body counts could be. That’s not the games I was looking for. I looked at the edges of the show, for the smaller indy studios that had clever, family friendly games and who had new ideas or great spins on old ideas to share.

One of the great games I found was the adorably named ‘Go Home Dinosaurs‘, by Fire Hose Games. The concept is really cute – it’s a kind of tower defense game (one of my favorite kind of games) where you’re a gopher trying to protect your barbeque from rampaging dinosaurs. It was cute and clever, and I even got to play a bit. This is a short interview in the Go Home Dinosaurs booth, followed by a bit of me playing the game. It was a lot of fun and well worth a try if you get a chance.