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More Twitch Streaming – Captain Ditto versus the Floating Dutchman! #Pirate101 #blaughust day 15

A fun adventure where Captain Ditto and his crew track down the very spooky ‘Floating Dutchman’ – it’s a great little adventure that is WAY below Captain Ditto’s level, so it makes him look like a real super hero!!

I do think there’s still a problem with my audio I need to figure out – my voice is much too low, so I need to fix that.  It might be a setting in Windows somewhere – I’ll try to figure it out.  Sadly I don’t realize it during the stream…  I need to get someone on to watch and test things out with me at some point.  I’ll try to do it this week.

As far as Blaughust…  Well, I missed a few days, sadly – Thursday I was working and Friday we had friends over.  Sadly, sometimes life gets in the way of fun stuff like blogging, but that’s OK – I’m going to keep going and I’ll try my best not to miss any more!

10 Things about Ditto the Monster #blaughust Day 12

Almost halfway through this ‘Blaughust’ thingy and I wanted to take the time to do something quick and easy deep and insightful, so I thought I would do a ’10 things you might not know about Ditto’ post…

  1. Ditto’s middle name is ‘Percival’ – it’s a family name, but it’s ALSO one of Dumbledore’s several middle names.
  2. While it’s obvious that Ditto loves all kinds of pie, Ditto is also a vegetarian.  Yup – Ditto is a tofu-lover.
  3. Miss Narrator is, in fact, Ditto’s wife.  Yup – it’s official.  Should we have a shipper name, like ‘DitNarr’ or something?
  4. Brushing my fur takes about 20 minutes a day.  If it’s really humid, it might take double that…
  5. Dittos’ favorite TV show of all time is The Muppets, followed closely by Fraggle Rock.  I’m also a big fan of ‘The Flash’ on CW though – that’s a fun show!
  6. Ditto has four cats – Phil (Grey), Samantha (Black), Floofy kitty (Floofy black) and Suzan (fabricated).  He also has a redfoot tortoise named Jasper and two fancy goldfish – Lion and Tiger
  7. Ditto is afraid of spiders – even daddy long-legs.  He finds snakes cute, though.
  8. Ditto adopted a tiger!  Well, he donates to a tiger rescue organization that helps to protect Tigers and other endangered animals.  Tigers are really beautiful and awesome animals, and they should be protected.
  9. Ditto really likes reading books – all kinds of books.  Right now he’s reading a book on astronomy that is fascinating!
  10. Big surprise – Ditto’s first ever Wizard101 character was actually a Necromancer… I played him for a while before I decided to start blogging about the game, and made it to level 50 (back when Level 50 was the max level!).

So that’s it – a little more about Ditto, a few fun facts – I hope you liked them!!  As always, Have Fun and Play Safe!!

Pancake Ninjas play Oregon Trail!! #blaughust Day 11

I’ve been thinking more about streaming on Twitch… it seems the top channels have regular scheduled streaming times, and a lot of them stream for an hour or more – is that right?  My main problem is that I typically don’t play at regular times… Sometimes I’ll be able to play for a half hour or so, sometimes I play for a few hours.  Sometimes I can stream or record, sometimes it’s too noisy or the cats are crazy, stuff like that…

So I’ve been thinking, maybe I’ll try to play and stream at least once a week, have a good fun time and make sure I record it… see if I can start gaining a small following that way.  It’s fun, to think that people are watching live…  If I can’t do it regularly I’ll still do it whenever I can, I do have fun 🙂

So I’m really liking my new laptop – it’s an Asus 2 in 1 running Windows 10, and I have to say, it’s fast, and it’s got some great features.  I’ve tried a few games that my trusty old system couldn’t quite handle, and it plays them wonderfully.  I’m still getting used to a few things, but overall I’m quite happy with it.  Wizard101 and Pirate101 play great, of course, as well as some great newer games – very exciting! Maybe I’ll review it soon… I’ll think about it.

I don’t know that this completely fulfils the ‘blaughust’ requirements, as there’s not much ‘content’ to it, but it’s late and it’s been a long day, so I guess it will have to do…


Winners of Ditto’s Pirate101 Arrrgust contest – Keeping Cool!!

For a quick contest, I sure got a LOT of great, fun entries!!  I love so many of these fun and clever ideas for how your pirates keep cool in the summer heat!  Some of them definitely made Miss Narrator and I laugh!  There are lots of ways to keep cool in the Spiral – there are lots of waterfalls, for example – and some very creative ways of keeping cool too, things I never thought of.  The Water Guardians in Mooshu are certainly an interesting choice!!

Anyway – here are the randomly chosen winners – congratulations!!! (more…)

Ditto battles Pampero Spirits in the Floating Mountains – another stream test… #Wizard101 #blaughust Day 9

So Ditto is getting more sophisticated with his Twitch Channel – I’ve modified my sound settings and I think it sounds much better and more clear now, and I changed some settings that seemed to be making me lag a lot.  Finally, I’ve figured out how archive my streams on Twitch and export them over to YouTube so I can keep the videos there too…

As for the video – well, it’s Ditto getting beat up by Pampero Spirits again.  In my defense, I was more focused on the stream tweaks than the fight itself, but I think I just didn’t have a very efficient deck – I’m sure next time will go much better…

Blaughust Day 8 – Ditto’s Apple Tree

I wanted to do something totally different for my blog post today, and as I was out in my yard I had an idea…  Miss Narrator and I have a little garden at our little house – tomatoes, peppers, peas, that sort of thing… and I have some apple trees that I like.  I have one tree, a nice little Macintosh tree, that I’ve been tending for around 4 years now.  It’s all organic – we don’t use any chemicals, only natural treatments and fertilizers – and the apples are thick on the trees this year!  They’re still a few weeks from being fully ripe, but I had one today and it was tart, but really tasty!

Growing our own food is fascinating – we don’t grow a lot, of course – we don’t live on a farm or anything – but planting seeds and watching the plants grow, seeing the vegetables and fruits ripen, then picking then when they’re ripe… that’s pretty cool.   Miss Narrator makes pickles and salsa with the fresh veggies and herbs, and yes – she makes an amazing apple pie with the apples from my trees!

I know this wasn’t my typical kind of post, but I think it’s a fun one – something very different from my normal game related posts but it shows other things monsters can me interested in, like gardening and fruit trees and pie…  Oh wait, you already knew about the pie…

New Gameplay Video – Captain Ditto battles the Blood Lord and Chaka Kahn!!

Well 7 days down, 23 to go…  This ‘blaughust’ thing is going to get interesting.

That pause in the opening of the video really bugs me, I have to fix that… I think I need an .flv file editor.

Well here it is, the big end battle with the Aztecosaur Blood Lord!  Of course my crew and I defeat the Blood Lord pretty easily and start destroying creepy crystal statues, but that awakens a nasty evil Chaka Kahn boss thingy and we have to fight again!!

I know it’s a little cheezy, but I love going through this very easy dungeon – I feel so powerful! Like a super hero – such fun! It’s a fun story too – I dig Azteca, it’s a cool mythology.